Misdemeanor Criminal Defense Save $1000!!!

Save $1000 on a misdemeanor criminal defense.  Regularly $5,000 flat rate now $4,000!!
Dont let you legal woes get you down call Corry & Associates today!!
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Misdemeanor Criminal Defense Save $1000!!!
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Store Name: Corry & Associates
Category: Legal
Discount: $1,000 OFF
Price: $4,000
Offer Details: Save $1,000 on a misdemeanor criminal defense, WAS $5,000 NOW $4,000 flat rate..
Promo Code: misdemeanor
Medical or Recreational: N/A
Store Location : Denver

Corry & Associates

Telephone: 303-634-2244Web: robcorry.com437 West Colfax Ave, Suite 300Denver, Colorado, 80204
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